Nexus Level 3+ Rear Plate 10X12″

2,999.00 kr inkl. moms

Will defeat the following:
3 x shots of 7.62mm x 51mm NATO
6 x shots of 7.62mm x 39mm (MSC) Mild Steel Core
6 x shots of 5.56mm x 45mm Federal Tactical Bonded at 750m/s
Size 10″ x 12″ (250mm x 300mmx 20mm)
Double Curvature
Weight 1.35 Kgs (2.97 lbs)
Rating Level 3+ Rifle

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Nexus NIJ Level 3+ Multi Hit lightweight Ballistic Plate.
Nexus NIJ Level 3+ plates are made from Dyneema and weigh in at only 1.35 Kgs (2.97 lbs). The single curvature plate allows for a comfortable fit while using weapons or driving and is recommended for use for both front and rear use.
Each plate measures 10 inches x 12 inches and has a thickness of only 20mm from front to back.
When used in conjunction with Level 3a Soft Armour, Nexus plates will defeat up to 3 hits from 7.62mm x 51mm Nato and 6 Hits from 7.62mm x 39mm AK 47 Mild Steel Core rounds.
NIJ Standard 0101.06
10 x 12 (250mm x 300mmx 18mm)
Single Curvature Weight 1.35 Kgs (2.97 lbs)
Rating Level 3+ Rifle


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