Nexus SF M3 Helmet

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Ballistisk skyddshjälm med sidoräls och fäste för NVG. Ballistiskt skydd enligt NIJ 3A.
Storlek Large passar ett huvudomfång på 56-64 cm.

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  1. The NEXUS S.F. (Special Forces Helmet) offers High Ballistic Performance with a low weight of only 1.3kg. Nexus Helmets are manufactured using a high-tenacity ballistic Aramid fibre, which is bound in a Thermoplastic Resin Matrix and results in increased all round strength.
The SF models feature a higher cut around the ears to accommodate Tactical Headsets (coms fit).
This higher cut helmet is lower in profile and offers enhanced peripheral vision.
Nexus SF Helmets utilize the TEAM WENDY CAM FIT™ retention system, which utilizes cam-lock sliders for one-handed tightening adjustment, and secure fit.
The Boa® Closure System stabilizes the weight of the helmet by distributing a light, even pressure around the head, similar in feel to a baseball cap.
The adjustment straps and chincup have been designed for a close, comfortable fit to the wearer’s face.
The asymmetric design keeps the buckle tucked smoothly along the jaw line while maintaining a snug, even feel around the chin-cup.
The ultra-suede chin-cup lining ensures maximum comfort and chafe-free wear at any temperature.
Fast adjustment of straps is achieved via 2 lockable quick release sliders. A 7 piece removable padded liner system provides enhanced comfort and aids blunt trauma protection.
The Nexus S.F. Helmet includes the SRS (Side Rail System) which provides a low profile platform that can accommodate Tactical Lights, IR Lights, Video Cameras and Goggle Straps.
Snag free for HALO, HAHO and static line. An Ops Core style, Aluminium lanyard, with compatible NVG shroud, allows the attachment of any standard NVG Mount.

Ballistic Protection

NIJ Level IIIA 9mm – .357 and 44 Magnum.

V50 Fragmentation Rating up to 750 m/s; as tested with 1.1g, 22 Caliber, 17 grain Fragment Simulated Projectile, according to STANAG 2920 and US MIL STD 662F.
Ballistic (National Institute of Justice) NIJ II 9mm FMJ and 357 Magnum JSP, in accordance with NIJ standard 0106.01. It has a V50 of 550 m/s (1800 ft/s). NIJ IIIA 9mm FMJ and 44 MagnumSJHP, in accordance with NIJ Standard 0101.04. (June 2001). It has a V50 of 610 m/s (2000 ft/s).

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